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2500 Ultracab XL

2500 Ultracab XL

The 2500 Ultracab XL is the perfect choice for long adventures. The extended cabin area of the XL provides more people with more space and extensive storage for overnight stays and diverse explorations. The 2500 Ultracab XL was designed to handle all conditions you may encounter, from holiday cruising, family fishing trips to serious off-shore fishing. Adventuring with confidence is an understatement when it comes to the 2500 Ultracab XL.



Length Metric (Feet)

7.62m (25ft)

Recommended HP

Twin 150hp

Maximum Engine Weight

635kg (1400lbs)

Fuel Tank

378L (100Gal)

Internal Beam

1.97m (78”)

Tube Thickness

4mm (5/32”)

Total Sealed Volume (Approx)

2096L (554gal)

Length on Trailer

9.6m (31’6”)

Max Persons


Maximum HP


Leg Length


External Beam

2.56m (101”)



Hull Thickness

6mm (15/64”)

Dry Hull Weight (Approx)

1630kg (3593lbs)




Lockable Rear Cabin Bulkhead

The ‘XL’ is a denomination added to the smaller cabin version in the 2500 Ultracab. It effectively creates a longer cabin through huge glass panels and rear bulkhead lockable door. The view either from the cabin or from the deck is largely uninterrupted and, with the door open, creates a great ‘flow’ to and from either space.

Cabin Seating and Table

The 2500 Ultracab XL has seating for 6 with 2 x Elite Bolster helm and passenger seats, 2 x fold-down troop style seats and a port seat box for 2 people. A port-side drop-down table folds out from the cabin wall revealing a neat storage area for condiments and usable dining space complete with cupholders.

Elite Bolster Seats on Airwaves

The Elite Bolster seats ca be found across the Stabicraft™ range however on the 2500 Ultracab XL these are supported by a shock mitigating Airwave pedestal. The Airwave is a very compact, adjustable air pressured pedestal making the ride on the 2500 Ultracab XL more comfortable again.